Zen Album
Zen Album
Zen Album
Zen Album
Zen Album
Zen Album
Zen Album
Zen Album
Zen Album
Zen Album
Zen Album
Zen Album
Zen Album

Zen Album

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Far from the urban hustle and bustle, Maiasaura's Zen album invites us to discover 12 musical instruments gracefully played by 10 artists in the midst of nature

The vibration of the kora resonating with the singing of cicadas, the notes of a guitar amidst the forest, a double bass at the corner of a fireplace, the strings of a Nightingale imitating those of a kanoun...

12 tracks to listen to with family, creating a soothing sound atmosphere for both the young and the old

  • Tibetan Bowl Chimes ( Fabienne Duffour )
  • Cicadas Kora ( Eric Genevois )
  • Fire Double Bass ( Thierry Fanfant )
  • Caribbean Flute ( Dédé St Prix )
  • Waves Bugle ( Philippe Slominski 
  • Nocturnal Guitar ( Lucien Zerrad )
  • Stream Hang ( Thierry Fanfant )
  • Nightingale Kanoun ( Gaston Chaad )
  • Creole Morning ( Thomas Henning )
  • Rain Showers Piano ( Jean-Marc Bellon )
  • Breathing Cello ( Caroline Glory)
  • Wind Balafon ( Thierry Fanfant )

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Some extracts :

  • Zen Morning Creole
    Zen Morning Creole
  • Zen Caribbean
    Zen Caribbean
  • Zen Cicadas
    Zen Cicadas
  • Zen Fire
    Zen Fire
  • Zen Forest
    Zen Forest
  • Zen Waves
    Zen Waves
  • Zen Wind
    Zen Wind
  • Zen Tibet Bols
    Zen Tibet Bols
  • Zen Stream
    Zen Stream
  • Zen Rain
    Zen Rain
  • Zen Cello
    Zen Cello
  • Zen Kanoun
    Zen Kanoun

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