Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with the Maiasaura speaker?

The Maiasaura mini speaker comes with a Maiasaura card that includes all the free content of our audio library : currently 55 tracks of Nursery Rhymes, Stories, and Lullabies. 

You can add your own MP3 to the Maiasaura card as well as new paid content produced regularly by our artists

Can I add my own tracks to my maiasaura speaker?

Yes! MAÏA is a 100% customizable device and you can personalize its content to your preferences. For example, you can add your favorite nursery rhymes, lullabies, or even stories recorded at home. Children can listen to the voices of their parents, grandparents, and loved ones. You can also create personal playlists for your child by grouping together their favorite songs or stories in a single directory. 


What is the maximum storage capacity of the card?

The Maiasaura card has 4GB of storage. Upon purchase with MAÏA, the card is preloaded with 55 Maiasaura tracks that take up 10% of its storage capacity. This leaves enough room for our customers to add new Maiasaura content available every 2 months as well as their own MP3.
In addition to the Maiasaura card, the MAÏA speaker supports any micro SD card.

How does the Maiasaura library evolve?

Writers, voice actors, musicians, and singers work every month to produce new quality audio content: Stories, Nursery Rhymes, Lullabies, Scientific content and other surprises…

So the audio library is updated regularly. Is the new content free?

In addition to the 55 free tracks included with MAÏA, new paid content is regularly produced by Maiasaura artists.:

From what age can my child operate the Maiasaura speaker?

Maiasaura artists believe that It’s never too early to start listening to beautiful voices, real instruments and diverse genres of good music...For this reason, Maiasaura is a wonderful birth gift that accompanies children from the early months until the age of 8.


MAÏA is a minimalist box that includes only 4 buttons. From the age of 2 years old, your child can change tracks on his own, thanks to just 2 buttons (+) and (-) 

Starting from 3 years old, he can understand how to switch from one folder to another (Nursery rhyme, Stories, Lullabies, Family MP3s...) 

How do you switch to the next story or song?

You can change the track by pressing the 2 buttons (+) and (-) just once.  

You can change folders (Nursery rhymes, Lullabies, Stories, Family MP3s) by pressing the power button once.


The volume can be adjusted by holding down one of the 2 buttons (+) and (-) for 3 seconds.

Children under 2 years old may have trouble changing the volume on their own (which is a good point), as they need to hold down the (+) or (-) buttons for 3 seconds. The maximum volume of MAÏA is adjusted to 80db in order to respect the hearing thresholds of toddlers.

Is MAÏA shock resistant?


Yes, MAÏA is designed to be shock resistant as it is specifically made for babies and children. It is therefore strong enough for our customer service to offer a 1-year unconditional warranty. Satisfaction guaranteed or refund within 15 days.


Can I connect to my MAÏA by bluetooth?

No. MAÏA is an offline speaker that allows you to play any MP3 audio content from a Micro SD card.  

Can I connect headphones to my MAÏA?

Yes, you can connect headphones to your MAÏA through a standard headphone jack, making it possible to listen on the go.

Can my MAÏA replace a book?

MAÏA does not replace a book and especially not a parent. On the contrary, it inspires children to discover the books they are listening to and incites parents to read more to their children and record their own voices onto the MAÏA.


Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes, Maiasaura delivers worldwide. The cost of international delivery is indicated at checkout on (for Canada and America) or (for Europe and the rest of the world) once you enter your delivery address and just before payment.

Is Maiasaura a French company? 

Yes, Maiasaura is a French company founded in 2019 by a group of parents who collaborated with various actors, musicians, singers, graphic designers, photographers and writers, around the world. They all came together in hopes of creating quality content for children in an interesting way that could replace hours spent in front of a screen. 


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