Finger Family

Finger Family

Album 10 Little Dinosaurs

Il n'y a pas d'âge pour commencer à écouter :

- De belles voix
- De vrais instruments
- Des musiques différentes
- Un son de qualité


Mackenzie Leighton : Chant, ré-écriture du texte
Maxime Aubry : Composition, instruments, mixage


Daddy finger, daddy finger,
Whatcha doin' today ?
Daddy finger, daddy finger, whatcha doin' today?
I was hopin' that you would come and sing with me!

Mommy finger, mommy finger, won't you sing along?
Yes I will, let's work together to write a family song!

Brother finger, brother finger, can you keep the beat?
Yes I can, they call me Mr. Rhythm on the street!

Sister finger, sister finger, pick up that guitar!
I’ve got the groove inside of me but...

sometimes it’s hard to get along
Everyone ends up singing their own song
Gotta listen to each other
To make our family bond strong
To get through rainy days
So the sun will shine on

When we make music together as a family
Life is sweet like honey from the honeybee
Daddy, mommy, brother, sister, and me
The greatest band in all the land
The finger family!

Baby finger, baby finger, you have made us see
That making music is more fun as a family
Daddy, mommy, brother, sister and me
The greatest band in all the land
The finger family!
The greatest band in all the land
The finger family!

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